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Firmenlogo der Deutschen Beteiligungs AG


Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, a listed private equity company, initiates closed-end private equity funds and invests alongside the DBAG funds in well-positioned mid-sized companies with potential for development. DBAG focuses on industrial sectors in which Germany’s ‘Mittelstand’ is particularly strong on an international comparison. With its experience, expertise and equity, DBAG supports the portfolio companies in implementing corporate strategies that sustainably create value. Its entrepreneurial approach to investing has made DBAG a sought-after investment partner in the German-speaking world. Assets under management or advice by the DBAG Group amount to approximately 1.8 billion euros.

Since its foundation, Deutsche Beteiligungs AG and its co-investment funds have invested in more than 300 mid-sized companies (the ‘Mittelstand’), most of which operate in classical sectors of German industry. Currently, there are more than 20 companies in DBAG’s portfolio. The types of investments we enter into are diverse: they range from majority acquisitions (management buyouts), for instance, of companies seeking a solution for the succession issue, to minority stakes (silent or direct) and growth financings in the pre-IPO stage.

Objectives and strategy