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Management buyouts

A partner to entrepreneurially-driven board executives and managers …

Exercising entrepreneurial scope and accepting personal responsibility in building a company’s value – Deutsche Beteiligungs AG offers that opportunity to board members, executives and other employed managerial staff. Drawing from our broad experience and knowledge, we commit to being a responsible and reliable partner for management buyouts (MBOs) – the acquisition of a company in partnership with its management.

MBOs call for corporate concepts aimed at boosting a portfolio company’s earnings power. The challenges involved include improving a company’s strategic position, for instance, by intensifying research and development or internationalising the sales organisation. Board members, managers and, in certain instances, other senior executives at our portfolio companies share in the opportunities and risks of our joint undertaking by personally co-investing. The members of DBAG’s investment team usually take seats on the portfolio companies’ advisory councils or supervisory boards.

… and to vendors

Short decision-taking lines, financial strength and an impressive track record also make us a solid and reliable partner to vendors – regardless of whether they wish to sell a subsidiary (spin-off) or part with a family-owned business (successorship). In a number of our portfolio companies, the founding families have remained invested and thereby share in the opportunities for value growth that the buyout creates.