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Deutsche Beteiligungs AG is one of Germany's leading private equity companies. DBAG has been investing directly in Germany's 'Mittelstand' since 1965 and, through the purchase of DBAG shares, provides an opportunity for investors to invest in a portfolio of successful companies – companies that form the backbone of German industry and often have leadership positions in their markets. Deutsche Beteiligungs AG boasts an excellent track record in equity investments: over the past ten-year period (2006/2007 to 2015/2016), DBAG delivered an average annual total return on net asset value after taxes of 12.2 percent.

DBAG has been listed since 1985. DBAG shares (ISIN DE000A1TNUT7) are a component of a number of indices, including the S-Dax, the Stoxx Europe Private Equity 20 Index and the LPX50, which tracks the performance of listed private equity companies worldwide.

Five reasons to invest in DBAG shares